Overview: Learners self-assess and are peer-assessed by other learners using the same validated assessment tool, a stepwise verification of proficiency checklist.

For the GSTC judges, for more information on this assessment process, please click here.

Recording and Uploading Video[edit | edit source]

Learners will record a video of themselves on their phones performing the simulation laparoscopic salpingostomy. They will upload it directly to our site. We have provided technical instructions on how to do this for both apple and PC products.

PDF of Camera and Video Set-up

Immediate Self-Assessment[edit | edit source]

In order to receive immediate feedback, learners will immediately review their own video using the Verification of Proficiency checklist (VoP). They are also encouraged to work with a partner during their practice for more feedback.

ALL-SAFE Verification of Proficiency (VoP)[edit | edit source]

The ALL-SAFE Verification of Proficiency Checklist is a rubric designed and validated by ALL-SAFE that will be used to assess learners' performances.

PDF of Verification of Proficiency

Peer Assessment[edit | edit source]

All of the learner videos will enter our database and be de-identified, randomized, and redistributed to other learners. Learners will then be required to view 3 other learners' videos on the platform using the VoP.

Because our philosophy is to support the development of surgeons' critical thinking and communication through feedback to peers, learners will be expected to provide feedback on other, de-identified, learners' performances using the provided checklist. Complementing this, learners will receive feedback from other participating learners.

Receiving Results[edit | edit source]

Sample Results Report

Post-Test[edit | edit source]

Learners will then take a post-test to consolidate their preoperative and operative knowledge on ectopic pregnancy.

Ending Survey[edit | edit source]

Link to ending survey

How this looks like on our platform[edit | edit source]

Psychomotor Pilot Study 2021[edit | edit source]

In our pilot study, we observed that there is no significant difference in assessments performed by learner peers and experts when the Verification of Proficiency was utilized. This allows for unlimited scalability without reliance on expert assessment.

Psychomotor Pilot Results

Functionality Pilot 2021[edit | edit source]

4 learners from both African and US sites tested out our final platform "top-to-bottom." They provided feedback on functionality of the site. To see a report of this feedback and the items we subsequently changed/adapted, please click below.

Functionality Pilot Results

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Self Assessment via VoP, Peer Assessment via VoP, Post-test

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