Staple crops are a crops that are eaten routinely and in such large quantities that they constitute a dominant portion of the standard diet. They supply a large fraction of the energy needs (kcal) as well as the other nutrients. Staple crops are characterized by their mild taste, very high calorie contents (ie 70-300 kcal/100grams[1]) and low to moderate protein content.

List of staple crops[edit | edit source]

Staple crops include cereals and root vegetables. Some specific fruits and legumes (ie sago, breadfruit ) can also be considered as staple crops.

  • Cereals:
    • wheat
    • barley
    • rye
    • oats
    • maize
    • rice
    • millett
    • soy
    • quinoa
  • Root vegetables:
    • potatoes
    • yams
    • taro
    • cassava
  • Specific fruits & legumes:
    • sago
    • breadfruit

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  1. Potato and rice containing 70 and 300kcal/100 grams respectively
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