Project to make a stand for SLA device.

SLA MAchine Stand


立体光固化成型术是 3D 打印技术的一种形式,用于使用光聚合以逐层方式创建模型、原型、图案和生产部件,光聚合是一种光使分子链连接形成聚合物的过程。准备用于打印树脂的 SLA 设备的关键因素之一是将树脂盘固定在适当的位置,使其在打印过程中不能移动。该支架不仅可以提高打印过程的质量,还可以保护培养皿滑动。在这个项目中,设计了一个由 2 个独立部分组成的支架,一个直径为 114 毫米(常用尺寸)的培养皿可以固定在两个部分之间。

该项目是 2017 年秋季 L3999 课程的期末项目


Afsoon Farzan, Aalto University, Department of chemical engineering

Bill of Materials

  1. 3D-printed stand
  2. 3D-printed ring
  3. Two screws and nuts
  4. Petri dish Purchased from DUROPLAN (diameter=114 mm)


  1. Download the design files from the NIH 3D Printing ExchangeIf modifications to the design is needed change the parameters found at the beginning of the openscad.
  2. After modifications, export STL-file.
  3. Use CURA software to print the models, these models do not need brim or supportive parts.
  4. Assemple two parts with using 2 screws and nuts

Estimated Costs

Since the SLA machine in chemical engineering department labratoray is designed by one of the researchers of our group , this fixure has not been manufactured yet and the same fixture can't be found in the market to buy. The rough estimate of production and material total cost is less than 5 Euros. It decreases the machine set up time and improve its functionality considerably.


Final prints

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