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Spectrum of infrastructure

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Many of our infrastructure systems cross the boundary between the personal, the local, the regional and the national. Take your home as an example.

  • your gas cooking stove is personal infrastructure - you own it, and it's one-unit-per-household
  • the pipes which run to the gas company's main storage tanks are local infrastructure
  • the long haul pipelines which move gas across the country are national and regional infrastructure

These different levels interact to produce your end-use services.

To help find solutions at the right level of the infrastructure system, we will collect ideas by their place in the spectrum of infrastructure.

When this idea firms up a little more we will make it a new set of categories.

Also see the infrastructure matrix

Personal Infrastructure[edit]

Household Infrastructure[edit]

Hexayurt Project

Community Infrastructure[edit] - Disaster Relief And Strategic Telecommunications Infrastructure Company - portable communications etc. Satellite dish - needs power etc. Assured Power and Communications, LLC solar/satellite truck

Town infrastructure[edit]

City infrastructure[edit]

Regional Infrastructure[edit]

National Infrastructure[edit]

The National Grid

International Infrastructure[edit]

Global Infrastructure[edit]

The Internet