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  • CCAT Wash n Flush  + (The Wash n' Flush is a Humboldt State UnivThe Wash n' Flush is a Humboldt State University environmental science 410 senior project implemented by Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes and Tim Dower which is located in the downstairs bathroom at CCAT. This is a toilet modification that allows users to save water by utilizing the wastewater from handwashing to flush the Toilet.ater from handwashing to flush the Toilet.)
  • WaterPod WindPod Turbine  + (The WindPod Turbine is a vertical axis wind turbine that uses the power of the wind to create energy which is then stored in the 12V battery banks.)
  • Bucket Shower  + (The apparatus can be mounted to a 5-gallon bucket, or larger, and would be able to convert said bucket into a shower for developing countries.)
  • WetLand aquaponic system  + (The aquaponic system cycles water at a ratThe aquaponic system cycles water at a rate of 400 gallons per hour, allowing optimal oxygenation for the fish to survive, where the fish provide nutrients for the edible plants to flourish. This design is capable of producing an adequate amount of food for 3 people.g an adequate amount of food for 3 people.)
  • Azimuth  + (The azimuth angle is usually measured in degrees and describes the angle between a reference plane and a point of interest. The azimuth angle can be useful in many contexts.)
  • Hanging Garden that Minimizes Water Use  + (The basic design are buckets that can be suspended by any rope over each other with holes in the bottom to allow excess water in each bucket to spill through and water the next plant below.)
  • Solar Charged Lawnmower  + (The basic idea is to convert an older non-working gas mower into an electric powered mower by replacing the gas engine with an electric motor that runs from a 12 volt battery.)
  • Open-source 3-D Platform for Low-cost Scientific Instrument Ecosystem  + (The combination of open-source software and hardware provide technically feasible methods to create low-cost, highly-customized scientific research equipment.)
  • Fuel Container Restraint  + (The corner restraint is a simple design thThe corner restraint is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the use of support material to save plastic. When trying to safely transport material, this tool would be very useful and cost-efficient.l would be very useful and cost-efficient.)
  • Direct drive extrusion hot end for flexible materials  + (The current setup on the Athena II printerThe current setup on the Athena II printer is not suited for flexible materials like ninja flex. Due to the bowndeth sheath setup we mostly use stiff filaments such as PLA. The new design was based off of the desire to remove the bowden sheath from the printer and to get the same impact as a direct drive printer.the same impact as a direct drive printer.)
  • Field Ready Design - ECG Lead Holder  + (The design fulfills the need for a cheap single 3D print that will function as a ECG limb lead holder.)
  • Composite Materials Resin Mixing & Pouring Container  + (The design is made using OpenSCAD and is mThe design is made using OpenSCAD and is mostly parametric, allowing for adjustments in volume, wall thicknesses, and pouring hole sizes to suit the needs of the task. This design allows for mixing multi-part resins in the rounded body of the container as well as pouring wide, even lines of resin out of multiple holes at the top.of resin out of multiple holes at the top.)
  • Home biogas system (Philippine BioDigesters)  + (The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9+ million in-use. The Philippine BioDigester Home Biogas System (HBS) is a product of both designs.)
  • SCRAP Humboldt community tinker desk  + (The desk must be sturdy and include a large work surface to accommodate various art projects. The inclusion of up-cycled materials in the base design of the desk was mandatory for this assignment.)
  • Bowfishing Rest  + (The doughnut shaped design will not allow The doughnut shaped design will not allow the arrow to leave the rest while the bow is positioned in any shooting angle, the parts are stout and durable, and in the event that one breaks, the parts have been designed to be easily and quickly changed in the field.e easily and quickly changed in the field.)
  • Athena Dual Extrusion Single Hotend  + (The dual extrusion solution that I have chThe dual extrusion solution that I have chosen is one which uses a single hotend and only requires the addition of another extruder and a printed part to merge the outputs of the two filament extruders. This solution has the advantage of requiring no additional calibration, not needing added hardware for the second hotend and inputs and outputs to drive that hotend, and maintaining full build volume.hotend, and maintaining full build volume.)
  • Zane Middle School standing fidget desk  + (The final decisions for the desk are as foThe final decisions for the desk are as follows; the top of the desk will contain a plethora of things, including 2 fidget spinners, a handmade abacus, a long bolt containing some nuts and wingnuts that spin, and some buttons and joysticks taken from a play station 2 controller. The underside of the desk contains a bungee foot swing. of the desk contains a bungee foot swing.)
  • Fishing Pole Rod Holder  + (The fishing pole rod holder is an OSAT as it allows a person that is fishing to set their fishing pole in the holder that sticks into the ground and can be left unattended to catch fish.)
  • Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Shoe  + (The goal is to construct a piezoelectric energy harvesting device that can generate enough energy to create a noticeable charge in a battery.)
  • Horseshoes  + (The goal is to provide any number of farmers, herders, or others access to custom, new horseshoes.)
  • 3D Printable Cider Press  + (The goal of the 3D-printable cider press is to provide an affordable means of efficiently pressing cider. With scaled-up designs, the press can be used to produce enough product to sell excess not used for subsistence.)
  • Zane Middle School resonance demonstration  + (The goal of the design is to provide a visual aid for the students to learn about the principles of resonance. The design should function as a safe and useful teaching tool.)
  • Thermoelectric Cooler  + (The goal of the project was to build inexpensive thermoelectric modules to be in used in small, easy-to-make, and portable cooling machines)
  • CCAT cob protection and beautification  + (The goal of the project was to implement a solution that would protect and beautify the cob installations at CCAT.)
  • CNC Lubrication and Chip Clearing System  + (The goal of this design is to allow a lubrication and chip clearing module addition to a CNC router.)
  • Acorn Sheller  + (The goal of this project is create a safer way to smash and shell acorns)
  • Zane Middle School tessellating concrete path  + (The goal of this project is to design and create designated concrete stepping stone pathways to replace a preexisting rectangle shaped area filled with mulch in front of the school for the students at Zane Middle School in Eureka, California.)
  • Improved GPS Belt Clip  + (The goal of this project was to improve on a previous design which targeted to make a GPS belt clip; this model is specifically targeted at search and rescue style GPS systems with a spine style mount.)
  • Solar Fruit Dehydrator  + (The goals of this project are to dry fruit in a sustainable manner using appropriate technology.)
  • Zane Middle School portable green screen  + (The green screen was constructed for the students at Zane Middle School.)
  • Hand Wood Planer  + (The hand wood planer is designed for making medium to detailed design cuts on wood.)
  • Hori Hori Knife / Shovel  + (The hori hori has uses in gardening such as weeding, cutting roots, transplanting, removing plants, sod cutting, and splitting perennials.)
  • HSU Bike powered washing machine  + (The house already operating with a grey waThe house already operating with a grey water system will be able to conserve water by controlling how much water is used and where it drains to. The water source will be from the water catchment already in place as well. This washing machine won't demand any electricity.hing machine won't demand any electricity.)
  • Bicycle Hub  + (The hub profile was modeled in FreeCad, rotated around the axle, then sliced with slicer and printed on a MOST-Delta Printer.)
  • Laurel Tree Charter School human powered blender  + (The human powered blender is a device inteThe human powered blender is a device intended to be used by students in grades K-12 at Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata, California. The device will blend food in the school's cafeteria, while teaching students about alternate methods of energy production.ut alternate methods of energy production.)
  • Modified Spork Design  + (The idea of combining a spoon with a fork has existed for years now. For certain situations, this innovation can be more efficient (for example, on camping trips).)
  • Load Carrier for labour  + (The load carrier is designed in such a way that the weight of is evenly distributed and the laborer would not get tired. It is 3 Way load carrier which functions as a trolley, as a overhead load carrier and also as a backpack.)
  • Recyclebot v5.0  + (The main goal of this project is to be able to make a robust, self correcting filament extruder to be used to work with any filament or recycled plastic-type feedstock into the system.)
  • Mineral Sifter  + (The mineral sifter is an excellent exampleThe mineral sifter is an excellent example of OSAT. Sifters are a major time saver, especially in developing countries where simple appliances are difficult to come by. This sifter can be used in a variety of different ways ranging from cooking to gardening.nt ways ranging from cooking to gardening.)
  • Modular Peg Board  + (The modular pegboard is designed to replace more costly methods of tool storage. This pegboard can be used to expand an existing pegboard since it will work with standard 1/8 inch pegboard attachments.)
  • Gravity Light Attachment  + (The need that this fulfills is to provide light to any area without the need for a power/electrical hookup, as well as possibly providing a way to charge a phone in a certain situation.)
  • Flock House Handcar Generator  + (The objective is to create a human powered generator that produces energy in an entertaining and innovative way that may be operated by people of most ages and capabilities.)
  • Flock House Hyper Visible Power Meter  + (The objective is to design a power meter wThe objective is to design a power meter which displays two types of data: the status of the battery and the power generated by volunteers for the Flock House. The display must be clearly visible from at least 20 feet and be visually appealing to the public.t and be visually appealing to the public.)
  • Redwood Coast Montessori solar charging station  + (The objective is to implement a functional solar powered system that educates the students and staff of Redwood Coast Montessori, as well as the public, of solar power, solar panels, and the importance of solar as a renewable energy.)
  • Zane Middle School disc golf course  + (The objective of Team Falcon Punch is to cThe objective of Team Falcon Punch is to create an upcycled disc golf course for the students at Zane Middle school physical education class as well for intermural tournaments. The disc golf course is to be made from weather-proof and recycled materials that can withstand the stress of being handled by studentsnd the stress of being handled by students)
  • Zane Middle School portable cubbies  + (The objective of Team Tonalites was to construct a set of cubbies for a Catherine L. Zane Middle School teacher to help promote safety in the classroom by creating space for students to place their belongings.)
  • E305 backyard biodigester  + (The objective of our project is to take organic waste including dog, cow, and horse excrement, as well as kitchen waste and recycle it. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that can potentially be harnessed as a clean-burning renewable fuel.)
  • Laurel Tree Charter School onderdonk's box  + (The objective of the Current Specialists was to design, build and implement a learning apparatus to teach the difference between series and parallel wiring. The device was required to include an element of mystery while catering to grades 7-12.)
  • Flock House Biopod  + (The objective of the main unit is to provide enough dehydrated food to significantly contribute to the sustenance of the two individuals who will be living in the pod during the summer of 2012.)
  • HSU solar suitcase  + (The objective of this project is for our team to construct a Solar Suitcase and design a lab session for our engineering class where we will teach about Photovoltaics and how to construct the portable Pv-cell suitcase)
  • CCAT kitchen effluent particulate filter  + (The objective of this project is to assist CCAT by improving their greywater treatment system. Team ECO-PLUMBERS designed a particulate filtration system, which is built to remove particulate matter from kitchen wastewater.)