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  • Minnow Trap  + (Minnow traps can be essential for collecting your own bait when none is available to purchase and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. This a 3D printable version for areas where the device is unavailable to purchase.)
  • Modified cap for turning two-liter bottle into sharps disposal container  + (Modified cap for turning two-liter bottle into sharps disposal container)
  • Open Source Monochromator  + (Monochromators are used in optics to isolate certain wavelengths from a light source made up of many wavelengths)
  • Building an inexpensive mosquito net  + (Mosquito bed-netting represents the most inexpensive way of effectively eliminating mosquito bites while sleeping.)
  • Open Source 3D printed water pump  + (My design uses a 3D printable pump to alloMy design uses a 3D printable pump to allow the user to pump the water out. This has several advantages. It allows better control of the amount of water being used and therefore has the potential to decrease water usage meaning that you will need to fill your bucket less often. will need to fill your bucket less often.)
  • Water bottle stripper  + (My water bottle stripper is designed to use discarded water bottles to make strong lengths of plastic cordage that can then be used for anything that requires high strength Cord.)
  • Open-Source Photometric System for Enzymatic Nitrate Quantification  + (Nitrate, the most oxidized form of nitrogeNitrate, the most oxidized form of nitrogen, is regulated to protect people and animals from harmful levels as there is a large over abundance due to anthropogenic factors. The leading certified method to detect and quantify nitrate, demands the use of a toxic heavy metal. An alternative eliminates this problem but requires an expensive proprietary spectrophotometer. The development of an inexpensive portable, handheld photometer will greatly expedite field nitrate analysis to combat pollution.ield nitrate analysis to combat pollution.)
  • 3D-printed Lucky Iron Totems  + (One inexpensive way to add iron to a persoOne inexpensive way to add iron to a person's diet is to boil water for cooking with a lump of iron for 10 minutes before adding any food. Lucky iron totems composition must be monitored to ensure that toxic levels of elements are not going to be absorbed by the food cooked in the boiled water.ed by the food cooked in the boiled water.)
  • 3D Printed Shoes  + (Open source design files provided for 3D printing of open-toed shoes. It is estimated that two billion people worldwide are currently plagued with parasitic diseases that could be prevented by wearing proper footwear.)
  • Viability of 3-D Printing Light Emiting Diode Lenz Cases out of Transparent Solar Cells  + (Our idea is to create a self illuminating LED that is powered by ultravoilet and infrared light. The casing is the power source absorbing infrared and UV light, while remaining transparent to visible light.)
  • WetLand pyramidal water desalinator  + (Our objective is to design a long lasting Our objective is to design a long lasting desalination system that produces distilled water from the Delaware River for the inhabitants of the barge. The desalination system will promote sustainability through inspirational design and compliment the overall theme of the barge.compliment the overall theme of the barge.)
  • Modular PC104 Case  + (PC104 stacks are commonly used in automation and controls applications which could be a potentially hazardous environment for sensitive electronics)
  • Passive solar design  + (Passive solar design is a way to heat housPassive solar design is a way to heat houses (mainly) utilizing the sun's heat without operable devices. Passive solar design may often be confused with passive house, thought they are different. There are three main types of passive solar design that include: direct gain, indirect gain, and isolated systems. This page describes all of these aspects and other key design techniques that are important and affect the effectiveness of passive solar design within a building.of passive solar design within a building.)
  • Custom Built 3D Printable Motor  + (People looking to purchase motors similar to the ones in the market)
  • Sprinkler Head  + (People spend hours in the scorching sun to make sure that they water their crop, and mostly done manually. By 3D printing the design mentioned in this page, it make sure that they can attach the water hose on the tube and crop can be watered.)
  • Advances in plasmonic light trapping in thin-film solar photovoltaic devices  + (Plasmonic light trapping technology increaPlasmonic light trapping technology increases the ability and effectiveness of a thin film solar cell to absorp more light and light from a larger spectrum. Article includes links to more detailed websites on this topic and also links to other appropedia sites that have to do with solar technology.tes that have to do with solar technology.)
  • Mirco Lathe  + (Preliminary design page for [[Micro Lathe]])
  • Modular hand held arm with "Backsaver" grip attachment"  + (Preliminary design page for [[Modular hand held arm with "Backsaver" grip attachment and "Leaf Claws"]])
  • 3D Printed Custom T-Shirt  + (Print Out Custom T-Shirts at your Home right from your Desk with an Amazing 3D Printer!)
  • Customizable shovel handle  + (Printing a shovel handle is an easy way to ensure you are getting what you need and my design will make sure it is also comfortable in your hands.)
  • OSAT project - Infantometer  + (Proper growth of infants and young children is paramount to the development of well-functioning adults. Infantometers can be used to measure the height of infants and small children to gauge the physical growth during the early stages of life.)
  • Laurel Tree Charter School energy use visualization  + (Provide Laurel Tree Charter School with an energy monitoring system that shows energy consumption in a way that was both interesting and understandable to students of all ages.)
  • Ersson rainwater harvest and purification (original)  + (Rainwater catchment and purification system, at less than $1500, for the majority of household use.)
  • Bike rack  + (Rear Bike rack)
  • Open Source Rope Pump Valve  + (Rope pumps are an incredibly easy and cost effective way of raising water to the surface. The main hindrance is the valves that go on the rope. This 3D design cuts down production materials, energy and cost.)
  • Disaster Relief Housing Platform  + (Simple and easy to produce, temporary housing platform to to aid in living conditions after a natural disaster)
  • Solar Hydrothermal Collection  + (Simple hydro-thermal system experiment)
  • Zane Middle School triangle of life  + (Six walking pathways are laid out to avoidSix walking pathways are laid out to avoid utility boxes, sprinkler systems, and pillars that are located in the area. The pathways emit out radially from the center to the edges of the triangle. The pathways are made out of urbanite, and are packed together with recycled concrete mix.acked together with recycled concrete mix.)
  • 3D Printed Bike Seat  + (Small Bike seat and seat post that can be used to replace an original bike seat.)
  • Wood Planer  + (Small and versatile typically block planes are used to facilitate joinery by bringing boards into tolerance with each other, but over all the use of the block plane is only limited by the imagination of the wood worker.)
  • Bulb/Seed Planter  + (Small, easily producible, hand sized, bulb and seed planter. The current opening fits groupings of seeds or a small bulb, but can easily be sized to fit a larger bulb as well.)
  • Reindeer Snaffle  + (Snaffles, or more commonly referred to bits, are the metal pieces that riders use to give commands to their mount. This design is the first step toward a completely modular snaffle set for both horses and reindeer.)
  • Low force snaps for easy assembly/dis-assembly of mating parts  + (Snaps can be used in a variety of ways; shirts, coats, satchels or bags, or any other system that would be desired to hold together. This simple idea of a snap system and the varities of of uses make this an aopporiate OSAT project.)
  • Arctic Cat Snowmobile Choke Lever  + (Snowmobile Choke)
  • Solar air heater  + (Solar air heaters are systems that collect solar energy and transfers the heat to passing air, which is either stored or used for space heating.)
  • Solar ice makers  + (Solar powered ice makers can use sunlight Solar powered ice makers can use sunlight to produce the electricity required to power a solar ice maker, or use the sunlight as a catalyst to a chemical reaction to keep an ice maker cool. Solar ice makers can be helpful for disaster relief, refugee camps, developing nations, and camping. This page gives examples of solar ice maker projects.ives examples of solar ice maker projects.)
  • DIY solar thermal collectors  + (Solar thermal collectors collect heat fromSolar thermal collectors collect heat from the sun and put it to a use. Solar thermal collectors can function as many different uses such as: solar thermal cookers, solar thermal dehydrators and solar thermal hot water heaters. This page gives several examples of each of these examples.everal examples of each of these examples.)
  • Design Optimization of Polymer Heat Exchanger for Automated Household-Scale Solar Water Pasteurizer  + (Solar water pasturizers can help clean watSolar water pasturizers can help clean water in poorer communities but a barrier to their popularity in those countries are their high capital costs, which primarily come from the heat exchanger cost. This study explored different materials/technologies to reduce the heat exchanger cost while also optimizing its performance.ost while also optimizing its performance.)
  • Easy Retained Heat cooker  + (Step by step guide to building a retained heat cooker)
  • 55 gallon drum solar water still  + (Step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser out of a large drum/barrel. Also has step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser that is left unattended for extended periods of time.)
  • La Yuca renewable energy 2014  + (Students from Humboldt State University thStudents from Humboldt State University that were part of the Practivistas Dominicanas program traveled to a city called La Yuca in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This group of students built a solar power system for a school there that allows the school to run lights and fans and function when there is a power outage in the area as well.ere is a power outage in the area as well.)
  • Bee Feeder  + (Sugar water bee feeder)
  • SunnyBag  + (SunnyBag is a backpack that has solar charging capabilities for DC powered devices such as cell phones. This portable solar charging product is a convenient and sustainable backpack.)
  • Surgical retractors really complex  + (Surgical retractors are used in order to hSurgical retractors are used in order to hold tissue aside while surgery is performed on some underlying bodily structure. Depending on the size and depth of the cavity as well as the area of the body being accessed, different retracting implements as well as retractor ring sizes and shapes are needed.etractor ring sizes and shapes are needed.)
  • Talbot Type Water Tap  + (Talbot water taps are used extensively thrTalbot water taps are used extensively throughout the low income countries of the world. This type of tap is extremely useful for them, but is often quite expensive to purchase; sometimes so expensive that they can't get them. This type of tap allows for automatic shutoff of the water when it is released due to the water pressure pushing it closed.e to the water pressure pushing it closed.)
  • Sanctuary solar food dehydrator  + (Team BALM built a Solar Food Dehydrator for the Sanctuary, a non-profit organization located in Arcata California.)
  • Zane Middle School upcycled caddy  + (Team Falcon-Jacks assignment was to create three caddies built from upcycled material for Elizabeth Baker to store school supplies and other school materials that the students utilize)
  • Zane Middle School probability machine GID  + (Team GID (Get it Done) was tasked with the building of a probability machine to provide middle school students a hands-on demonstration of the mathematical concepts of probability)
  • Zane Middle School movable instrument storage  + (Team Strange was given the opportunity to design and assemble a movable instrument storage compartment for the music department at Zane Middle School)
  • OSAT 3D Printed Hand Pump  + (The 3-D Printed Hand Pump is an OSAT that allows liquid to be pumped from a reservoir to a container. Hand pumps are needed in across the globe for the distribution of water, oil, and other liquids.)