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    • Build your own 5-gallon vermicomposting system  + (5-gallon vermicomposting system)
    • Universal handguards  + (5Hand guards are often used in snowmobiling to protect the hands against wind, snow, and tree branches.)
    • Club foot Brace for Infants  + (A 3D printable brace that can be used to treat children born with club foot.)
    • Bike Hub Pelton Turbine  + (A Pelton wheel takes the kinetic energy anA Pelton wheel takes the kinetic energy and harvests it in two ways. It uses the static pressure to push the blades and then uses the added force due to the tangential acceleration of the water around the curve of the blade to harness more power out of the jet.lade to harness more power out of the jet.)
    • Zane Middle School shake table  + (A Shake Table was designed and constructed to imitate earthquake magnitudes to help students at Zane Middle School to better understand seismic activity and allow them to test their own building structures.)
    • OSAT Wind Turbine  + (A Wind turbine bade)
    • Seat  + (A bike seat is a simple, but necessary parA bike seat is a simple, but necessary part of a bike that holds most of the weight of the biker. In many developing countries, biking is the most common mode of transport. Additionally, a mud flap is important for keeping the rider clean, especially during rainy clean, especially during rainy seasons.)
    • Free-Libre Hardware RFID handheld device  + (A contactless smartcard solution using Mifare Classic card. Cynergy designed and developed this reader from scratch. The application runs on a microchip processor and is written in C.)
    • Bike Handlebar Plug  + (A customizable Bike Handlebar Plug designed using OpenSCAD.)
    • 3-D Printing Solar Photovoltaic Racking in Developing World  + (A customizable open-source PV racking concA customizable open-source PV racking concept is designed, prototyped for three types of modules, constructed into systems, and outdoor tested under extreme conditions for one year. An economic analysis is provided along with a technical evaluation of the system.with a technical evaluation of the system.)
    • Fork Support for Bike  + (A fork support is inserted in between the fork of a bike to help hold the suspension rigid during transportation the bike.)
    • How to Make a Simple Heilodon  + (A heliodon shows the movement of the sun's movement across the earth for a certain longitude and latitude and a set day for twelve months. Follow the instructions on this site to build one.)
    • Heliostats  + (A heliostat is a device that strategicallyA heliostat is a device that strategically places mirrors to reflect the sun to a certain point. This point is typically stationary while the reflectors can move to track the sun to reflect the maximum amount of sun. Heliostats have applications in solar energy, astronomy, and agriculture. There are many different types of heliostats that include: manually operated heliostats, clockwork heliostats, light sensor controlled heliostats and computer controlled heliostats. These devices are widely used for many different purposes.e widely used for many different purposes.)
    • California Valley Solar Ranch  + (A large solar farm (250 MW) is proposed onA large solar farm (250 MW) is proposed on the Carrizo Plain that will take up about 1,900 acres. This project will benefit the area with a renewable energy source and educational value from the public viewing areas, but may endanger some wildlife in the area as it is close to the Carrizo Plain National Monument that has a vast wildlife population. An EIR was released in 2010 addressing these issues. released in 2010 addressing these issues.)
    • 3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system for optoelectronic measurements  + (A low-cost 3-D printable open source dual A low-cost 3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system is presented in this study. An Arduino based microcontroller is used to move the sample holder to the user specified angle where two stepper motors control the motion providing two degrees of freedom.e motion providing two degrees of freedom.)
    • Monochromator  + (A monochromator is a device which takes liA monochromator is a device which takes light and transmits it to into a narrow band of wavelengths. Using a form of mechanical filtering (diffraction) the user is able to select a specific wavelength (color) which would exit through a exit slit. The monochromator holds many scientific applications ranging from measuring a reflected or transmitted light off a surface.lected or transmitted light off a surface.)
    • Field Ready Design - Nebuliser  + (A nebuliser works by using compressed air to convert liquid medicine to an aerosol that can be inhaled by the patient. This is a 3D printable design)
    • Hotel Perote solar pool heating system  + (A passive solar heating system was designed, built and installed on the roof of Hotel Perote in Parras de la Fuente to heat the hotel's pool. This design utilizes PVC and copper piping to heat the pool water to 28 degrees centigrade from October to March.)
    • 14 Day Pill Dispenser  + (A pill holder to hold daily pills for up to 14 days)
    • Pointer Trowel  + (A pointer trowel is used in masonry to filA pointer trowel is used in masonry to fill in joints. It has an angled, pointed end that can be used to get mortar into tight spaces. The trowel is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the use of support material to save plastiche use of support material to save plastic)
    • User:Erikaimato  + (A portable solar charger uses a small solar panel to charge small devices, such as a cell phone. This site describes briefly how a solar cell works and lists the materials needed to build your own portable solar charger.)
    • Improved Potato Ricer  + (A potato ricer is used as a way to mash potatoes. This ricer also has the option of changing out the mesh to produce varying sizes of riced potatoes.)
    • Beekeeping Queen Rearing Kit  + (A queen rearing kit allows the beekeeper to properly breed more queens to maintain their hive.)
    • Modular hand held arm with "Backsaver" grip attachment and "Leaf Claws"  + (A shovel helper grip attachment could saveA shovel helper grip attachment could save a lot of effort by transferring some of the load from the user's back to the well gripped other hand. This in-turn results into lesser fatigue and more productivity. Also, the Leaf Claws attachment can function as a big sized leaf collector hand or as even a shovel for damp yards.r hand or as even a shovel for damp yards.)
    • Weighing scales/mass balance  + (A simple Roberval measuring scale design that can be adjusted to support different weight multiples. By design, the exact positioning of the masses on the scales does not affect the comparison of weights, unlike a simpler lever-type scale.)
    • Face mask wire band  + (A simple alternative to 3D printed ear relief bands for using face masks.)
    • Basic Tent Stake  + (A simple tent stake.)
    • Banana Tree Fibre Female Hygienic Pads  + (A simplified means of using natural fibres to create a menstrual pad is described below.)
    • Solar autoclave  + (A solar autoclave is a medical device thatA solar autoclave is a medical device that has a hotter and more highly pressurized chamber that sterilizes medical tools. To accomplish this, water is passively heated by the sun and the hot water is channeled through the chamber to increase the temperature, and hot steam from the heated water is used to increase the pressure inside the chamber. This device is useful in rural places that do not have access to typical autoclaves or experiences intermittent losses of electricity.iences intermittent losses of electricity.)
    • Solar funnel  + (A solar funnel is a device that allows light to be reflected to a certain point for the desired purpose. This page suggests different ways to determine the tilt angles of the sides of the solar funnel to get the most desirable outcome.)
    • Solar Hot Water on Haeger Ave, Arcata CA  + (A solar hot water heater was installed at a location on Haeger Avenue in Arcata, CA. This is a closed loop system with a storage tank that has a drain-back gravity feed unit.)
    • DIY Solar Panel  + (A solar panel that produces enough energy to charge a smaller battery or a device)
    • Appropriate Technology Solar Powered Refrigerator  + (A solar refrigerator directly uses the sun's heat to run the refrigeration process and can have many uses.)
    • Rowan's portable pedal power generator  + (A stand allows the back wheel of a bike toA stand allows the back wheel of a bike to spin freely (usually used for indoor exercise) supports a bike that powers a generator. The generated energy (actually it is converted) is stored in a battery and used on electrical devices of an appropriate voltage.ctrical devices of an appropriate voltage.)
    • Locally manufactured thermostatic valve for water pasteurization  + (A thermostatic valve for a solar water pasteurization device. See [[Adapted thermostatic valve for water pasteurization]] for final design.)
    • Tool-Free Tile Leveling System  + (A tile leveling system to reduce tile lip A tile leveling system to reduce tile lip when installing large format tiles. The goal of the system is to be easy to use, effective, low cost, and fully editable. If needed, the entire system can be customized for an individuals needs by using the SCAD files inlinked down bellow.using the SCAD files inlinked down bellow.)
    • Stethoscope (Monaural)  + (A trained professional could get the information they need simply by pressing their ear up against the patient's chest. However, a good stethoscope makes the process both easier and more comfortable.)
    • Update to Changeable Garden Tool Heads  + (A universal, ergonomic handle, and update two tools to interchange easily with a handle.)
    • Athena Heated Print Bed  + (AS heated print bed also has the advantage of being able to use a surface like PEI (polyetherimide) to print onto.)
    • Automated Plastic Grinder/Recycler  + (Affordable and strong plastic grinder)
    • Adjustable Heated Bed  + (An adjustable heated bed that we could adjust to heat only the parts that we want to print on (limit use of power to what is needed))