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2009 Victorian bushfires

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The Royal Commission's terms of reference were released on Monday 16 February 2009 and include inquiring into and reporting on the following matters:
# The causes and circumstances of the bushfires.
# The preparation and planning by governments, emergency services, other entities, the community and households for bushfires in Victoria, including current laws, policies, practices, resources and strategies for the prevention, indentificationidentification, evaluation, management and communication of bushfire threats and risks.
# All aspects of the response to the 2009 bushfires including immediate management, response and recovery, resourcing and coordination and equipment and communication systems.
# Measures taken to prevent the disruption to the supply of essential services such as power and water
Recommendations arising out the inquiry are indicated on:
* The preperation preparation and planning for future bushfire threats and risks, particularly the prevention of loss of life.
* Land use planning and management, including urban and regional planning
* Fireproofing of housing and other buildings, including materials used in construction

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