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Green facts

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Interesting facts on green topics.
== Australian shopping habits ==
In Australia during the 2006-07 financial year:
* Retail sales reached more than $214 billion, up $10 billion on the figure from just three years earlier.
* 35m packets of Tim Tam biscuits were sold (nearly 400m biscuits)
* 22m jars of Vegemite were sold
* the box of takings for the Happy Feet movie were $31.8m
* 93.1m letters were mailed
* 5m people watch pay TV between 6pm and midnight
* 1.2m people eat at McDonalds everyday.
* The top selling vehicle was the Toyota Corolla (4 cyl) with the Holden Commodore (6 cyl) second.
* A cigarette brand was the top selling grocery brand
* The selling food was bread, the second was chocolate and the third was ice cream
Source: [ Shopping habits give food for thought], The Age, 22 May 2008
== Logging Australian old growth forests ==

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