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HEIF Science D retrofit

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[[Image:Energyconsumption-1.jpg|thumb|right|500px|'''Figure 2''': Energy Consumption at HSU ]]
The purpose of this page is to explain how retrofits made to a building at [ Humboldt State University(HSU)] can reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption. Students wrote a grant proposal to the [ Humboldt Energy Independence Fund(HEIF)] with the goal of improving energy effiency efficiency on campus. The '''Sci D/E complex''' includes the science and engineering building as well as the greenhouse at Humboldt State University. The building (Sci D/E complex) was originally designed by [ Ratcliff Architects]. Paul Wright and William Lowe were the contractors for the project. The idea was for a state of the art design, utilizing [ passive solar heating] from the south and west facing windows and vents as a major architectural feature pictured above in Figure 1. As is common in the state building bidding process, the lowest bidder is awarded the project. Due to inflation and the time lapse in cost figuring, the contractor found the project funding to be insufficient, and the computer controllers for opening and closing solar heating and cooling vents were eliminated. The manual controls installed in place of the computers were ineffective. The building never cooled or heated properly, and the passive solar design proved to be primarily inefficient. Several attempts at addressing these issues have been made since 1982. The current system of cooling and heating makes the Sci D/E complex the third biggest energy user on campus with only the ceramics lab and wildlife building being higher, as shown in Figure 2. The "HVAC Efficiency Measures for Sci D/E" proposal made to HEIF by HSU engineering students addresses these costs and plans. (What current proposal are you referring to? This page or a HEIF proposal? Unclear.)
= Proposed Design Changes =


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