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HEIF Science D retrofit

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Convert Variable Air Volume Controls
Most of the [ pneumatic controllers] that drive the [ air dampers] in the Sci D variable air volume (VAV) [ terminal boxes] are non-functional. Field operational checks have shown that because of this supply and return air fans have been operating at full capacity, "constant volume reheat mode", during occupied building hours since 2005 or earlier. The proposed design change involves converting pneumatic Sci D controllers use compressed air and heat controls to DDC. By doing this regulate temperature within in the building will improve its air flow and thermal control as well as save an estimated $12,720 but has difficulty in monitoring demand and 97,858 kWh annuallyverifying proper operation. This equates to The direct digital controls utilizes automated controls by a reduction digital device for proper functionality of fan energy demand by about 60%the variable frequency drives. The budget variable frequency drives are used to convert better control the terminal box and thermostat systems along with rotational fans throughout the remaining sci D building. The proposed design change involves converting pneumatic systems Sci D air and heat controls to DDC is $46,500.
== Install Variable Frequencey Drives ==

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