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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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Be sure to read all editing codes, including W1. You could use "The intern is not responsible for community outreach" instead of "does not do much". Again this paragraph needs more work with transitions between sentences. You switch from Nathan, to HEIF back to Nathan again.
The intern is responsible for collecting the data that the EMS collects and putting it in an understandable form. The current intern has not done any work with community programs because Green Campus does and has more experience with community outreach. Green Campus <ref></ref> is a grass roots program that works to try to develop energy awareness among the community. One of the projects that HEIF does to raise energy awareness is to have a building energy competition, to see which building is using more energy. Some of the goals which Nathan hopes to complete are; <br>
*Create a new website for HEIF with better design and layout.<br>


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