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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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== The Project ==
[[Image:Campus Energy Monitoring.jpg|Here is a flow chart of what the data is going to go through|thumb|right|465px]]
The Energy Monitoring station here on Campus[ Humboldt State University], is one of the many projects under the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund(HEIF)<ref></ref>, which is responsible for collecting, analyzing and publishing specific energy usage for campus and community use. The idea was created after a program that was similar to UC Davis'<ref> </ref> energy monitoring system, where their information is about specific building energy usage. This information has a variety of uses which may result in less electricity use by Humboldt State University. Previously the information was thought that the electric and gas meters installed throughout the campus were not monitored by any outside sources. With the proposal of this project, it turns out that the information was collectively stored within the meters without anyone knowing this fact. However the information was kept in a log book in HSU's Plant Operations, so that data was not available for student use.
=== Uses ===


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