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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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[[Image:Campus Energy Monitoring.jpg|Here is a flow chart of what the data is going to go through|thumb|right|465px]]
This first topic sentence is rough. Be sure to think about transitions between sentences. The idea that is introduced at the end of one sentence, is usually the idea that starts the next sentence. Your writing skips ideas...  HEIF <ref></ref> HSU (Humboldt Energy Independence Fund, the campus energy monitoring ) Campus Energy Monitoring is a project that proposes to create an intern internship position, on available to students who go to Humboldt State UniversityCA <ref></ref>, which would be is responsible for collecting analyzing and publishing specific energy usage for campus and community use. The idea was to create a program that was similar to UC Davis<ref> </ref> where there is easy to access information that can be about specific building energy usage. This information has any number of uses which could result in less electricity being usedby Humboldt State University. Previously it was though that electric and gas meters were not monitored and the information stored, however with the proposal of this project it was learned that in fact the data was stored. However the information was keep in a log book in HSU's Plant Operations, so that data was not available for student use.
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