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Hexayurt Frame TUE Research Outline

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== Technical Description ==
* pictures One probable configuration for the hurricane resistant frame hexayurt is to use square steel stock, which typically comes in 6 meter lengths. These pieces would be cut in two for three meter long poles, and approximately 2.6 meter short poles, giving a shelter of approximately 24 square meters. One possible connection mechanism for the poles is to use small steel brackets and bolts. The brackets would be perhaps 20 cm of steel bar, with holes drilled in each end, bent to an angle. Each pole would be drilled with a hole perhaps 10 cm from the end. The steel brackets would each connect two poles. There would be four brackets, each for a different connection on the structure. Bolts would hold the poles to the brackets, with each bolt going through one bracket, then through the pole, then through the other bracket. (See diagram)  There may be other, better connection systems available, but this approach is simple and may be strong and very cheap to manufacture. If a better system can be found, the analysis should be conducted on that system as well. See construction details here http:/ drawing/
== Research Agenda ==
There are six primary areas of analysis needed for this design. They are:
# Design of an anchoring system to secure the frame hexayurt to the ground
# Wind load analysis
# Snow load analysis
# Thermal analysis
# Analysis of water handling, including designing some kind of covering from the structure which makes use of the materials which are likely to be available in a crisis, and any corrosion issues that may occur on the frame itself.
# Costing and materials logistics, including quantities of raw materials available in a crisis. For guidance, 10000 units would be used in a small deployment.
=== Structural Calculations ===
=== Building Physics ===
=== Building Technology ===
== More Information ==
== Contact Information ==
*Vinay Gupta, Hexayurt Project coordinator,,
*Tim de Haas, Technical University of Eindhoven,,
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