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Wikis for sustainable development

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This page shows is a kind of "WikiNode," showing where Appropedia fits in with other collaborative projects, and hopefully will help create greater synergy. See [[Green wikis and development wikis]] for a more rigorous and comprehensive look at this part of the wikisphere.
'''NOTE''': Any [[wikis ]] which are small and inactive, or heavily spammed and abandoned, should be removed from this page. == Overviews == For overviews of wikis on particular subjects, see:* [[Green wiki]]* [[:Category:Wikis for sustainability]]* [[International development wiki]]
== Wikipedia ==
[[centralwikia:Society%20Gardens|Society Gardens]]: A summary of active, established Wikia sites on serious topics (ie not entertainment or gaming).
Many more can be found with a search engine such as [http://google.com Google]. Many of these wikis are not very active, but it may be valuable to contact the community and explore possibilities for collaboration, perhaps joining with a more active community of editors such as Appropedia.  === Food, agriculture and gardening === * [http://www.gardenology.org Gardenology] - large and active wiki.* [http://opensourceecology.org/ Open Source Ecology wiki at OpenFarmTech]
=== Transition ===
=== International development ===
:''See [[International development wiki]] and [[:Category:Wikis for international development]]''
:''See also the [[wikiindex:Category:International%20development|International development]] category at WikiIndex.''
''[http://www.appropedia.org [Appropedia]]'' is a living library of [[Appropriate technology]], [[Sustainability]] and development. <br>
''[http://howtopedia.org/ Howtopedia]'' - "simple technologies, simply shared." All in the form of how-tos. Largely taken, with permission, from [[Practical Action]].
''[http://www.kivapedia.org Kivapedia]'' is a wiki supporting [http://www.kiva.org Kiva], online microlending to small businesses in developing countries. Kivapedia is hosted by and maintained on a volunteer basis, mainly by users of the [[kivapedia:Kiva%20Friends|Kiva Friends community forum]].
=== Disaster relief ===
''[http://www.tsunamihelp.info Indian Ocean Disaster Relief Portal]'' (www.tsunamihelp.info)
''[[Whyhttp:|//clublet.com/c/c/why Why]Clublet]'' - interested in the Indian Ocean Tsunami, among other things. "Not in raising money, there's easily been enough of that. But in the people that will be affected for years to come..." (Partly/mainly/wholly from a Christian perspective?)
=== Sustainability ===
The most active and comprehensive wiki on general sustainability issues is [[Appropedia]], as above. For a guide to this area of the wikisphere, see '''[[Green wiki]]''' and '''[[Green wikis and development wikis]]'''.
:<small>''See also the [[wikiindex:Category:Sustainability|Sustainability]] category at WikiIndex.'' Appropedia, as above.  ''[http://wiki.greenmarketdata.com</ gWiki]'' - "The Green Wiki." Not very large or active, at the moment.  ''[[wikia:ecovillage:Main%20Page|Ecovillage]]'' wiki is a site for exchanging information and ideas about ecovillages in particular, and sustainable community in general. This Wikia will facillitate ecovillages to develop regional and global networks. It provides a place for individual ecovillages to edit relevant documents and for individuals in different geographic locations to collaborate. It will also be a knowledge base for people to learn about ecovillages generally, or about a particular ecovillage. http://ecovillage.wikia.com/ <brsmall><br>  ''[[wikia:gknowledge:Main%20Page|G. Knowledge]]'' is the definitive repository of green knowledge. G.Knowledge will bring together the collective knowledge of green thinking people throughout the world to produce a collective memory to take from and to deposit the deep knowledge of the world. The success of a greener, happier, safer, friendlier, cleaner, more productive world relies on passing on the knowledge of green minded individuals and their collective wisdoms. Green Knowledge is not a commodity, it's a necessity." ''Note this is not actually a wikia, but directs people to their page.'' <br><br>  ''[[WikiGreen]]'' Note: Now merged into Appropedia - the description was: A Wiki for Sustainable living, Intentional communities and life Off the grid. You will find here the personal experience of Alternative energy, Back to the land and Do-It-Yourself people, as well as regular folks wanting to live more Green. <br><br>  ''[[wikia:water:Main%20Page|WaterWiki]]'', created as a resource for use by members of the Rio Grande Basin Roundtable and the other roundtables created under the provisions of the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act. In addition to that circumscribed use, this wiki may be used to develop and present information regarding world wide water resources and issues by anyone. ''Not very active.''
=== Permaculture ===
See '''[[Permaculture wiki]]'''.
Appropedia covers [[permaculture]], and aims to cover it comprehensively. Other wikis cover it also, but are mostly dormant, very small or spammed.  * [http://permaculture.wikia.com/wiki/PermaWiki:WikiNode Permawiki: the permaculture wiki at Wikia]
=== Ecology ===
<s>''[http://www.climateandconservation.org Climate and Conservation Wiki]'', from Climateandconservation.org - a scientific wiki, devoted to compiling and disseminating information, summaries, and reviews about conservation of biodiversity and how biodiversity is affected by Global Climate change and Global Warming. This is '''not''' a site for you to express your opinions about the existence or non-existence of Global Warming.</s> - offline (server error).
=== Health and environment ===
=== Technology and design ===
http://futureimages.wikia.com/future/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<br> ''[[wikia:future:Main%20Page|Future]]'' is a Wikia about futurology, technology foresight, and futures studies. This wiki aims to develop future forecasts (using scenarios, timelines, etc.), and to write speculative articles on future topics. The wiki's logo is a combination of a nanogear and the A DNA molecule, which signifies the importance of nanotech and biotech. The "[[wikia:|RTENOTITLE]]" brackets show that it's a wiki. ''[http://renewableenergy.wikia.com/ Renewable Energy Design]'' is a wikia for collaboration on the detailed engineering design of new or improved methods of capturing energy from renewable sources.
=== Philosophy of open source, open licenses, free culture ===
== Campaigns and activism ==
* ''<s>[[wikia:sca21:Main_Page|Sustainable Community Action]]</s>'' - now on Appropedia: see '''[[sustainable community action]]'', or SCA21, is a Wikia '. A wiki to develop information on all aspects of local sustainability, particularly community run action for sustainability.As well as providing a Local Sustainability Ideas Bank, the site contains a shared work space for developing ideas for networking, both virtual and real world, for local sustainability action and seeks to link up community action for sustainability across the world.Sustainable_Community_Action:WikiNode SCA WikiNode], [http://sca21.wikia.com/wiki/Sustainable_Community_Action:Collaborations SCA collaborations page]<br><br>
* A wiki for ''[[wikia:campaigns:Main_Page|Campaigns]]'' recently set up by Jimbo Wales, aims to explore new ways of doing politics and campaigns.
http* A wiki for ''[[wikia://wwwworldcitizen:Main_Page|World Citizenship, Global Justice and Global Governance]]'' aims to create a new space for publishing and discussing opinion articles on topics related to world citizenship, global justice & global governance.wikileaks.org/The wiki/Wikileaks<br>Wikileaks is developing construed as a combination of an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking open journal, a thematic non-neutral encyclopedia and analysisan open discussion forum. Our primary interest Although it is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asiaexpected to attract people from the world citizenship and global justice movement, the former Soviet blocwiki welcomes all sorts of opinions, Sub-Saharan Africa statements and the Middle East<br><br>comments provided with respect for each other position.
http://campaigns.wikia.com/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<br>* The Wikia for ''[[wikia:campaignsactivism:Main_Page|CampaignsActivism]]'' recently set up by Jimbo Wales, aims to explore new ways wiki is a place for sharing information about all forms of doing politics and campaignsactivism.<br><br>
http://worldcitizen.wikia.com/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<br>The Wikia for ''* [[wikia:worldcitizencensorship:Main_Page|World Citizenship, Global Justice and Global GovernanceCensorship]]'' aims to create is a new space for publishing wiki which will provide official and discussing opinion articles unofficial accounts on topics related to world citizenshipcensorship, global justice & global governance. The wiki is construed particularly internet censorship in areas such as a combination of an open journalIran, so that international observers and activists have a thematic non-neutral encyclopedia and an open discussion forum. Although it is expected to attract people from better picture about the world citizenship and global justice movement, the wiki welcomes all sorts situation of freedom of opinions, statements and comments provided with respect for each other position.<br><br>http://activism.wikia.com/images/b/bc/Wikiinformation.png<br>The ''[[wikia:activism:Main_Page|Activism]]'' Wikia wiki is a place for sharing space to gather information about all forms of activismand analysis on effective ways to bypass censorship.<br><br>
http://censorship.wikia.com/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<br>'''''[[wikia:censorship:Main_Page|Censorship]]'' Wikileaks is a Wikia which will provide official and unofficial accounts not on censorshipthis list because despite their name, particularly internet censorship in areas such the website is no longer wiki-based as Iran, so that international observers and activists have a better picture about the situation of freedom of information. The wiki is a space to gather information and analysis on effective ways to bypass censorshipDecember 2010.<br><br>
== Resource wikis ==

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