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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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== The Project ==
HEIF <ref>
</ref> campus energy monitoring is a project that proposes to create an intern position, on Humboldt State University, which would be responsible for collecting analyzing and publishing specific energy usage for campus and community use. The idea was to create a program that was similar to UC Davis<ref></ref> where there is easy to access information that can be used. Previously it was though that electric and gas meters were not monitored and the information stored, however with the proposal of this project it was learned that in fact the data was stored. However the information was keep in a log book in HSU's Plant Operations, so that data was not available for student use.
=== Uses ===
=== Requirements ===
To be eligible for the hiring as a Campus Energy Monitor you have to attend [[HSU]] and have technical qualifications which can be attended form attending ENGR 473. Nathan Chase said that on the day to day basis he had to sort out the raw data and understand how to navigate a computer, however now he is working on a program to do that for him. The hiring process to become the intern is a creative job description about what the intern whats to do with the job and then it gets submitted to Plant Ops.To get hired Nathan had to have skills with;<br/>*Building retrofits*Programing background*Energy Retrofits
== HEIF Energy Projects ==
*Cogen Unit
*PV system
=== Efficiency ===
Efficiency programs are anything that reduces the amount of energy a building intakes.
*lights One of the projects
== References ==
[[Category:Humboldt Energy Independence Fund]]
[[Category:Engr115 Intro to Engineering]]


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