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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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=== Requirements ===
To be eligible for the hiring as a Campus Energy Monitor you have to attend [[HSU]] and have technical qualifications which can be attended form attending ENGR 473. Nathan Chase said that on the day to day basis he had to sort out the raw data and understand how to navigate a computer, however now he is working on a program to do that for him. The hiring process to become the intern is a creative job discription description about what the intern whats to do with teh the job and then the HEIF board votes it gets submitted to hire themPlant Ops.
== HEIF Energy Projects ==
One of the goals of the HEIF campus Energy monitoring is to make it easier to get find energy data on the different buildings so that energy projects and be more effective. To get a project accepted by HEIF one has to submit a project proposal to the HEIF board and then get a majority vote. The HIEF board is a majority of students. Any proposals that HEIF gets are broken into two categories;
=== Generation ===


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