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HEIF campus energy monitoring

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== The Internship ==
The main goal of the intern would be, at a minimum, to collect and compile gas and electric data form the various building on campus. The intern would also implored to engage in outreach activities to get the information to staff, students and members of the community. Energy data is critical for [[HSU]] staff, faculty and students, however it is currently collected in an ad hoc fashion. Only Students would be eligible for hiring as the energy monitoring intern. The intern does not have to have set work hours, they can be completed when ever the student has time in between classes and other commitments. The current intern (Nathan Chase) is writing a the code for a program that will take the data the they Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS)
=== Duties ===
The intern is responsible for collecting the data that the EMS (Energy Monitoring System) collects and putting it in an understandable form. The intern does not do much community outreach because green campus does and has more experience with community outreach.
=== Requirements ===
To be eligible for the hiring as a Campus Energy Monitor you have to attend [[HSU]] and have technical qualifications which can be attended form attending ENGR 473. Nathan Chase said that on the day to day basis he had to sort out the raw data and understand how to navigate a computer, however now he is working on a program to do that for him.
== Uses ==


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