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Appropedia:Site development/archive (Admin tasks)

312 bytes added, 03:19, 13 November 2006
AWStats still not working (not big deal as Google Analytics is). Moved Input box content.
==Input box==
*Installed 10/16/06 by --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]]
*as per
*put inputbox.php in extensions folder
*added require_once("extensions/inputbox.php"); to LocalSetting.php
*Check again when mediawiki is updated
Some specifics after installing AWstats. See for nice instructions.
perl /home/lonny1/awstats/tools/ -update \ -awstatsprog=/home/lonny1/awstats/cgi-bin/ -dir=/home/lonny1/
===Changes to log file===
LogFormat="%host %other %other %time1 %methodurl %code %bytesd %refererquot %uaquot"
DefaultFile="index.php index.html"
===Cron -e===
One every hour on the fifteen minute mark.
15 0 * * * perl /home/lonny1/awstats/tools/
===Future steps===
*Password protect the folder [].
===More Notes===
Still not working correctly.

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