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== About Me ==
:Hello :) I am from south Mississippi, moved out to Humboldt County in the fall of 2006 to go to school. The first year I was here I decieded decided to explore California before I stared into school so I hung out in Humboldt for a while exploring then I joined City Year AmeriCorps in 2007 in San Jose. City Year is a non-profit organization under AmeriCorps where young people ages 17-24 live and work in inner city communities. We did many community service projects, envrionmenatl environmental education workshops, built playgrounds, created urban gardens, and so much more. After I finished my time in City Year I went to work at a Boys and Girls club Summer camp in Mendocino County where inner city (usually Bay Area kids) came to the camp in the middle of the Redwoods and stayed for 10 days doing things like; hiking, camping, horse back riding, arts and crafts, swimming, and lots of other really cool summer things. In the fall of 2007 I started my first Semester at Humboldt State University as an Envrionmental Environmental Science Major, which soon changed a bit into an Envrionmental Environmental Policy major. I still enjoy working with kids and am employed by the City of Eureka as an after school recreation leader at Alice Birney Elementary in Eureka. All in all, Life is good.
== Interests in Technology and the Environment==
*INTEREST #1 The external costs of goods produced *INTEREST #2Green Buildings*INTEREST #3Biodiversity protection- of plants, animals, and cultures alike
== Experience in Technology and/or the Environment==* #1 *EXPERIENCE #2 *EXPERIENCE #3 My environmental experience comes mostly from working with kids in the environment and my education here at HSU with concentration in environmental policy.
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