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Justa stove

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* 60" Length of 3/8 Rebar
* 1 Sack of Sifted, Dry Wood Ash
* 1 Milk Can, Coffee Can, or paint can with the bottom cut out and with metal lid
* 2 Wood Wall Studs 1"x2"x72"
* Handful of Small Nails
* 4 Stribs Strips of Cardboard 2"x22"
* 3-5 Brick Tiles (see below) 11"x11"
* A Ceramic or Metal Flue Shelf - Permits air flow under fire
== Basic Pointers ==
* Always use a Fuel Shelf
* Always chop firewod firewood down in size for best results
* Always use dry firewood
* Once a week, tap chimney with a stick to keep it from clogging
Build the stove body from either adobe, brick or cement block, guiding yourself with the measurements shown in Drawing 1. The stove in this example is made of adobe with a mud mortar
Lay the milk can, with the bottom already cut out, on a little bit of mud in the space indicated by the drawing. Leave the walls of the stove leveled witha with a constant height of 11.5"
Build the combustion chamber in the manner indicated, sealing the joints between the tiles with a very wet mix of mud.
The important point is that the enterance entrance to the combustion chamber is centered, and that it's height is 1/2" lower than the walls of the stove.
Frame the plancha with the strips of cardboard, and fill the space between the two frames with either cement or a dambdamp, compacted mix of earth, sand and construcion construction lime
[ Photos of Justa Stove Construction]

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