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Category:Improved cook stoves

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{{WP|Amy Smith}} has done work on producing charcoal from other forms of biomass. To make the biomass stick together, a binder is used. (Another method of making briquettes more cohesive is to leave the biomass in water for a couple of days to decompose slightly.) The choice of biomass depends on what is widely available, but includes {{WP|bagasse}} (sugar cane waste) bound with a paste of {{WP|cassava}} root (also called manioc or tapioca); and wheat or rice straw bound with a small amount of dung, in areas where pure dung is normally burnt.<ref>[ MIT's Amy Smith on third-world engineering: TEDTalks] - Video on YouTube.</ref>
A program called [,com_wrapper/Itemid,221/ CFD-GEOM] can be used to [ model cookstove designs].
== Improved cookstoves and fuel conservation ==


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