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Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design

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==Past projects==
* Fall 2005 - [[E215_Introduction_to_Design_projects#Fall_2005_RCEA|Interactive Energy Efficiency Displays]]<sup>[[Media:HSUNews12 12 05.pdf|Interactive Energy Efficiency Displays PR (pdf)]] </sup> for [ Redwood Coast Energy Authority] <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>
* Spring 2006 - [ Interactive Energy Installations] ''(video)'' for the [ Discovery Museum] <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>
* Fall 2006 - Appropriate Technology Infrastructure Models for [[CCAT]] <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>

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