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WaterPod Bicycle Energy Generator

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== Background ==
As the need for [[renewable energy ]] has become more apparent to the concerned public, we have discovered ways to wean ourselves off our dependence of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Our team has designed an alternative way to convert kinetic energy to AC power by means of a bicycle energy generator. With this, the [[WaterPod]] as well as others can use our design to generate their own electricity. <ref>Erickson, Ben. (2008) “Human Powered Energy Generator” May 5, 2009. []</ref>
[[Image:Easy ridas 040 resized.JPG|400px|thumb|center|Figure 1: Completed bicycle generator. Picture taken by Team Easy Riders.]]
== Problem Analysis and Criteria ==
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! Criteria
3. Build electrical circuit
* Here is a general diagram of what needs to included in the circuit:
(in progress)
* Use soldering gun to connect fuses, diode, voltage, regulator, battery, and inverter. Clamps are also acceptable to connect pieces of circuit while testing.
** Once wires are connected, slide shrink tape over exposed wires and used a flame to tighten the tape.
** Repeat this step for any wires that need to be connected to complete the circuit to the diagram <ref>Erickson, Ben. (2008) “Human Powered Energy Generator” May 5, 2009. []</ref>
== Easy Riders ==
== References ==
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