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WaterPod Bicycle Energy Generator

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Final Design
The circuitry of the system runs direct current electricity from the generator to a bank of marine batteries which then can be used to power appliances. Before that happens, as soon as the electricity is exerted by the generator, the [[current]] passes through an amp meter so the user can view what they are producing. The current is then passed through a blocking [[diode]] in order to prevent the current from running in reverse. Then, it passes through a 13V voltage regulator so the [[voltage]] does not exceed the determined capacity of the battery. Finally, the current is sent directly into a battery bank where usable energy is stored for later consumption. In order to maintain a functioning electrical circuit, the current returns through the battery and back through a fuse. After the current passes through the voltage regulator again, the direct current passes through a final fuse and completes the circuit.
We chose the Direct Contact Roller but the pulley system will work as well.<ref>“Bicycle_Powered_Generator” May 6, 2009. []</ref>  
== Possible Alternative Materials ==

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