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WaterPod Bicycle Energy Generator

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== D.I.Y. ==
To construct your own Bicycle Energy Generator you can follow these steps:
# Gather Materials:
** Bicycle: A road bike with small threads is preferred
** Bicycle Stand: Look on or retail stores online
** Wiring: use a 12 gauge or smaller, 12 feet long, purchase at local hardware store
** Scrap metal: any scrap yard
# Construct motor/roller
** To connect your DC motor to your bicycle trainer you must examine the resistance roller to see if the motor shaft can be coupled with the roller
** Deconstruct your roller so that the roller shaft can be coupled with the motor shaft
** Mount the motor by placing a piece of metal between the mounted roller and the spring loaded board.
** Construct a mount that will hold motor in place, preferably two pieces slightly on either side of the motor as shown below. The motor may vary in size so there are no dimensions given, but the general idea is to mount the motor so that it will not move once coupled with the roller.
 #. Build electrical circuit 
** Here is a diagram of what needs to included in the circuit
** Use soldering gun to connect fuses, diode, voltage, regulator, battery, and inverter. Clamps are acceptable to connect pieces of circuit.

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