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WaterPod Bicycle Energy Generator

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== Final Design ==
The name of the final design is “The Bicycle Energy Generator.” This design for the WaterPod project provides to be the solution to meet their criteria and electrical needs. This design is different from the alternative designs because it includes a prefabricated stand and a generator shaft with the bike wheel in the design. A prefabricated stand is a very practical component to this design because it safely holds the bicycle’s back wheel off the ground, allowing it to spin freely, and act as framework for other components of the system. The prefabricated stand is designed to attach at the axle of the back wheel. The axle extends out on either side of the bike wheel so that it rests inside a specially designed shaft of the stand and is locked into place.
The factory-made resistance roller was modified so that it would roll with the DC motor shaft. The resistance used for training was removed and replaced with the generator. The generator shaft is coupled with the roller shaft, so when the roller is spun by the bike tire, the generator shaft is also rotated.


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