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WaterPod Bicycle Energy Generator

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Final Design
From the decision making process, it was decided that a prefabricated stand would best meet the specified criteria. A prefabricated stand is a very practical component to our design because it lifts the bicycle's back wheel off the ground, allowing it to spin freely, and acts as a framework for other components of the system. The prefabricated stand is designed to attach at the axle of the back wheel. The axle extends out on either side of the bike wheel so that it rests on the stand and is locked into place.
The circuitry of the system will run [[direct current ]] (DC) from the generator into a bank of marine batteries. Along the way, the current will pass through an initial diode in order to prevent the current from running in reverse. The current then passes through a voltage regulator so the [[voltage ]] does not exceed the determined capacity of the battery. The flow next passes through an amp meter and directly into a battery bank where usable energy will be stored for later use. In order to maintain a functioning electrical circuit, the current returns through the battery and back through a fuse. After the current passes through the voltage regulator again, the direct current passes through a final fuse and completes the circuit.
=== Materials ===
=== Estimated time of construction ===
== Costs ==

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