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Appropriate technology villages

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== Detailed proposal ==
So here's the idea in a nutshell: take a patch of land in some low-cost-of-living area, probably a developing world country, and set up a profusion of different OSAT (open source appropriate technology), permaculture and other innovative living systems side by side. The idea is to have a place where a person can come to see not one working system in each category ("pumps",) but as many systems as can practically be installed and maintained running beside each other to enable comparison and cross training.
This model: essentially a giant "teach in" among appropriate technology charity representatives, has two unique features.
1> # Everybody is going to be living using the systems they are advocating.2> # Everybody gets time to learn about, critique, improve and cross-train on other people's systems.
This element, of "eating one's own dogfood" by using the systems one promotes is a key factor in open source software development. Innovation is said to come from software developers "scratching an itch" - looking at something that they want to work differently, and then writing the software to make it work that way. In a similar manner, a group of fifty to two hundred appropriate technology experts, living together in a village, for a year or two, sharing ideas, using each other's systems, and discussing lessons learned over the history of their technology, could easily become a global resource.
== Attribution ==
This page contains content by Vinay Gupta and Larahna at [ A Village To Heal The Planet: A Practical Whole-Systems Showcase Village] - discussion at, licensed under (CC-BY-SA 3.0? Need confirmation from Vinay.)

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