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Category:Water and sanitation for developing countries

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Due to their great potential benefits, village water supply systems have been favorite development projects of government and international agencies for several decades. They make a revealing topic of study for appropriate technology advocates, as they represent one task for which small-scale technology has been widely promoted. A basic conclusion: a water supply or sanitation project that is imposed on a community, without community involvement in determining the need for and nature of the system, or without an effort to train some community members to do maintenance and repair, is very likely to fail.
* [[Stone hammer well drilling]]
* [[Rota sludge well drilling]]
* [[Bamboo screens]]
* [[Fog water collection]]
* [[Surface water - Tyrolean weir]]
* [[Rainwater harvesting]]
'''Pumping and transportation'''
* [[Treadle pump]]
* [[Rope pump]]
* [[Deep well pump]]
* [[EMAS pump]]
* [[Fuel efficient motor pump]]
* [[Motorized deep well pump]]
* [[Horse and wind powered pumps]]
* [[Hydraulic Ram pump]]
* [[Storage tanks for rooftop harvesting]]
* [[Wire-cement tank]]
* [[Plastic-lined tank]]
* [[Underground tank]]
* [[Brick cement tank]]
* [[Ceramic filter]]
* [[Sodis (Solar disinfection)]]
* [[Biosand filter]]
* [[Safe water systems]]
'''Use of Water'''
* [[Lay flat hose]]
* [[Spray head]]
* [[Pepsi drip]]
* [[Nica drip]]
* [[Spate irrigation]]
* [[Pond farming]]
* [[Finger pond]]
==Practical Points for Participants==

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