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Category:Water and sanitation for developing countries

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Due to their great potential benefits, village water supply systems have been favorite development projects of government and international agencies for several decades. They make a revealing topic of study for appropriate technology advocates, as they represent one task for which small-scale technology has been widely promoted. A basic conclusion: a water supply or sanitation project that is imposed on a community, without community involvement in determining the need for and nature of the system, or without an effort to train some community members to do maintenance and repair, is very likely to fail.
Locally made, reliable, effective and affordable water pump also from deeper wells. For private or communal use, for irrigation and for drive by hand, wind or motor.
[[Concrete Hydram]]
Industrial production of the hydram is replaced by DIY instruction set using a bag of cement, bits of wood and scrap rubber, still attaining good water lifting performance.
[[Cover to better the use of a well]]
A heavy concrete ring is placed on top of a well. The open center can be closed and locked. Buds on the ring offer support for a pulley, rope guide or pump.
Irrigation from open wells of more then 5 meters depthis is less hard work with an energometric effective working position in a frame construction that made from 2 meter long sticks.
A pulley to ease irrigation of one's garden, its manufacture and sale is part of the local rural economy. It should be light weight, smoothly running and easy to repair.
[[Shallow tube well]]
Access to ground water (the aquifer) with a shallow tube well, but without investment in tools. The lining can act as filter Water BagGain knowledge in detail of the why and how of water lifting when using a bag. Develop means to adjust existing methods to new demands
[[Water Emergency Control]]
Water Emergency Control Aids and approaches that relate to regular recurring floods: to safeguard people, small husbandery and personal belongings and to assure access to clean water
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