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Water treatment options

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Turbidity - the cloudiness of the water
== Suspended Solids Removal ==
Suspended Solids Removal is typically the most difficult element of the water treatment process. There are 2 primary methods of suspended solids removal, sedimentation and coagulation and flocculation.
==== Sedimentation ====The easiest way to remove suspended solids is through sedimentation.If it is possible to let the water sit for a period of time, or pass slowly through a tank, heavier particles can settle out. (See {{WP|Sedimentation (water treatment)}}.) If the water is relatively clear, this step may not be important. Or if the water is turbid (cloudy) but the solids do not settle out easily, this step may be of little use. ====Coagulation and Flocculation====Frequently, the suspended solids will not settle out in a reasonable period of time and sedimentation alone will not work. If this is the case, a two step process of coagulation and flocculation is employed.
== Filtering ==

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