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FBP The Full Bell

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== Background ==
[[Image:Creative_Innovations.jpg|thumb|left|Fig 1: Creative Innovations]]The Full Belly Project is a non-profit organization which aims to provide simple ways to make lives better for rural populations in developing countries. FBP is known for its Universal Nut Sheller which was introduced by Jock Brandis. Jock Brandis went to a village in Mali, Africa and saw how the women there spent hours shelling peanuts with their hands. He created the universal peanut sheller that can shell one hundred and twenty five pounds of peanuts per hour compared to the three pounds per hour by hand (The Full Belly Project 2006). Since then the universal nut sheller has been used in many other developing countries like Haiti, Philippines, Uganda, and Zambia (Full Belly Project 2006).[[Image:Creative_Innovations.jpg|thumb|right|Fig 1: Creative Innovations]]
The group Creative Innovations was formed as a part of an assignment in Humboldt State University's engineering class Introduction to Design. The group was assigned the task of improving the Universal Nut Sheller for the West African market. Team members are Andrew Johns, Brenda Johnson-Howell, Diana Magus and Parsa Motavalli.


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