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[[Image:BRIDGE1.JPG|thumb|Fig 1: BRIDGE volunteers Volunteers helping with the construction of a medical clinic in Amaya]]
[[Image:BRIDGE3.JPG|thumb|Fig 2: Students walking home from the school which will manage the completed library]]
[[Image:BRIDGE5.JPG|thumb|Fig 3: Typical home construction in Morrito]]
Our second trip will be in Jan 2009 and we are still looking to raise the other $11,515 and more people who are interested in coming. See our proposal below for details.
This is a request for the remainder of the 12,000 Dollars required to build a two room computer lab and library for the community of Morrito Nicaragua. This project will be managed by BRIDGE Nicaragua (Building Resources in International Development for Global Equality), an organization composed of students and faculty from San Francisco State University.
So far we have raised $485 of $12,000. If we can raise the remainder by the end of November 2008, the structure can be completed in January 2009. If you have questions or comments, please call David Reber (415-889-3863) or Kristine Low (415-503-8884). Please visit us on our website at
The easiest way for anyone to give this project is to
[ make a donation]. Please note that donations are not tax deductible. Also note that BRIDGE Nicaragua is an independent organization of Appropedia. To donate to Appropedia, please go [ here].

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