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OSNCamp London

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expand, add == Publicity ==
* Vinay is in London until (probably) at least mid-Jan, so definitely something should happen before then.
== Publicity ==
* London nodes and networks such as "The Hub".
* Likeminded Twitterers such as [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] ([ @chriswaterguy] & managing [ @appropedia]) & Julius Solaris ([ @tojulius] & [ ecoCamp]), and their networks.
* Everyone mentioned below can tell their networks!
== Attendees ==
 This is being initiated because of a several interested people being in London at that time. Likely attendees are listed below - a question mark means someone else listed them, and they are yet to confirm.
=== Suggested ===
If there's someone you think should come, please add them here:
* [[Andrew Lamb]]?
:* CEO of [[EWB-UK]], director of the Appropedia Foundation, formerly of [[Red-R]].
* [[Jonathan Gray]]?
:* [[Open Knowledge Foundation]](OKFN)[]
* Julius Solaris
(...and many more that don't come to mind right now.)
* '''Rob Hopkins'''
:* Author of [[The Transition Handbook]]
[[Andrew Lamb]], [[Vinay Gupta]], and the OKFN people will know many more people to invite.
=== Confirmed ===

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