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Appropriate technology villages

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== Real world examples: ==
* [ The Smoke-Free Village] in Andhra Pradesh, India
* [[Auroville]]{{wp sup|Auroville}} in India (though the emphasis is broader, and there is a spiritual basis).
* [[Open Source Ecology]] See also the Directory of European eco- Factor E Farm Facilitycentres === Australia and Oceania === === Europe ===
* [[CAT - Centre for Alternative Technology]]{{wp sup|CAT - Centre for Alternative Technology}} in Machynlleth Mid-Wales - an old slate quarry which has been a centre for demonstrating and teaching appropriate technology since 1974.
* [ The Smoke-Free Village] in Andhra Pradesh, India
See also the Directory of European eco-centres Latin America ===  === North America === * [[Open Source Ecology]] - Factor E Farm Facility* [[Monte Cerro Solar Power Village]] - A project of the Tamera Community* [[Arboriculi]] A highly sophisticated Experiment of the Damanhur Community in Italy
== Proposed examples: ==
* [[User:Vinay_Gupta|Vinay Gupta]], [[User:Spm|Smári McCarthy]] and [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] have speculated about setting one up, possibly in the South of [[India]] or elsewhere in Asia. (We could live in [[Hexayurt]]s.)
* A similar concept is Living Co-laboratories, developed by Marcin Jakubowski and Richard Schulte
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[[Category: Appropriate technology villages]]

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