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Appropedia:A history of collaboration

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* [[:Category:Erssons|The Erssons]], a family in Portland, Oregon, provided articles
* [[:Category:Demotech|Demotech]], an organization in the Netherlands have built many, many pages
* A long-running discussion with [[Village Earth]] led to their wiki merging in March 2007. This was the original wiki on [[appropriate technology]].
* Discussions with [[Architecture for Humanity]], who have set up the [[Open Architecture Network]]. Their website serves a different purpose to Appropedia, and the exact form of collaboration is still to be decided, but we have agreed to support each others' efforts.
* [[Sustainapedia]], a planned website by a group of people with a similar vision and much ambition, led by Ryan Legg ([[User:On2Leggs|On2Leggs]]), and Jim Harris of [[Cleantech]][]. The Sustainapedia and Appropedia teams quickly agreed to join forces, and are now working out the details.

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