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UTC Solar Distiller

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;Completely seal perlite insulation from the water chamber.
: Currently silica powder from the crushed perlite is contaminating the entire water evaporation chamber.
== Conclusion ==
=== What Succeeded ===
*Replacement of the internal frame
*the addition of black plastic reused from defective water storage tanks, as a replacement for spraypaint
*Float valve water intake system
*Perlite insulation as a replacement for styrofoam
*Having access to tools, help and transportation thanks to Angela's host, the Madero family. Without them this project would not have been possible to implement.
=== What Failed ===
* water input systems
* bucket with float valve is unnecessary
** However, the extraneous bucket has been essential for testing because we do not have a long enough hose to reach from the nearest spigot to the testing site.
** The extra materials also provide a replacement float valve and extra hose parts for future maintenence.
* Thread mismatch with hose unions -- fine thread on float valve, coarse thread on the hose connector.
* hose coupling leaks (currently using teflon tape and drip catch)
* The water basin leaks, attempts to seal it were unsuccessful.
* Insulation is not completely sealed. Perlite enters the distillation chamber and silica particles settle in the untreated water basin.
* The glaze is very difficult to seal because the box frame is warped and is continuing to deform.
** Attempts to seal the glaze with high temperature silicone gasket seal were partially successful.
** More silicone is required to seal the unit than we were able to purchase.
** Metal tape would suffice for sealing the glaze. Finding the tape in Parras is difficult, and we were not able to encounter any. More research should be done regarding the safety of using aluminum tape in possible contact with the distilled water.
== References ==


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