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Papasan Chair Solar Cooker

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→‎Picture Gallery: corrected spelling: tempura (Japanese fry batter) to tempera (egg based paint)
Image:PCSC - low setting side.jpg|Low sun mode from the side
Image:PCSC tying down mirrors.JPG|Using hemp twine to tie the mirrors to the frame
Image:PCSC_-_mason_jar_in2.jpg|Using a mason jar inside of a tempura tempera painted canImage:PCSC - mason far lid on.jpg|Tempura Tempera painted can with pot lid
Image:PCSC - bolt.jpg|The bolt used to tie all of the mirror facets together
Image:PCSC - inner tube tie.jpg|Bamboo poles with chain in the middle tied with inner tube
Image:PCSC - aim no shadow.jpg|Aiming device with no shadow
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