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Papasan Chair Solar Cooker

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Food holding device: corrected spelling: tempura (Japanese fry batter) to tempera (egg based paint)
[[Image:HotPot-cooking-vessel.jpg|thumb|none| The HotPot cooking vessel consists of a dark pot suspended inside a clear pot with a lid]]
*A gallon sized tin can painted with black tempura tempera paint. A wire coat hanger with a paper base can be unhooked from the paper, revealing a perfect holder for a gallon sized can. 2 holes are punctured in the can at 180 degree angles 1" from the top, and the coat hanger is hooked inside. This proved to be a good method for testing the cooker, however the inside of the can may possibly off-gas small amounts of toxic chemicals. To avoid this, fill the tin can with water, placing your food in a small or medium sized mason jar (with lid) inside of the tin can, and then cover the tin can with a matching-sized pot lid (no plastic) or aluminum foil. This will use the double-boiler effect and not toxify your food. This is the most easily salvageable/reusable design.[[Image:PCSC_-_mason_jar_in2.jpg|thumb|left|Using a mason jar inside of a tempura tempera painted can.]][[Image:PCSC - mason far lid on.jpg|thumb|none|Tempura Tempera painted can with pot lid.]]
*A black stainless steel or cast-iron cooking pot with lid and suspension hooks would also be appropriate. No plastic can be present on the pot.

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