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Papasan Chair Solar Cooker

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The word "Synergy" comes from the Greek words for “to work together”. This project combines the existing parabolic shape and comfortable sitting cushion of the Papasan chair with the natural-source energy utilization of the [[solar cooker]]. My hope was that, in the spirit of synergy, the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts and that people may find the idea of owning a solar cooker more practical if they can also sit and read a book in it when its not in use. Compared to the traditional mono-functional [[Parabolic Solar Cooker]], this project serves as a chair when not in use, which saves space and is less of a fire hazard than the traditional [[Parabolic Solar Cooker]].It is built mostly from salvaged materials as to not contribute to consumption.===Bart Orlando===The opportunity to work Local Solar Cooking expert and Appropriate Technology innovator Bart Orlando inspired and co-created this project. Bart has been working with students in the Humboldt area for 15 years, building and designing pedal powered and solar powered technologies. Working with Bart Orlando means that this project can benefit from the innovative design that comes from years of experience. It is built mostly from salvaged materials as to not contribute to consumptionFor more information on Bart's projects, please visit these [http://www.humboldt.edu/%7Eccat/pedalpower/inventions/frames_final_htm..htm pedal power] and [http://www.humboldt.edu/~ccat/solarcooking/parabolic/paraboliccookerwebsection-pg1.htm parabolic solar cooker] web pages.
==Literature Review==

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