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Fruit juice processing (Practical Action Brief)

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All the processes for fruit [[juice ]][] products require that the juice or pulp is first extracted from the fruit. The following are the manufacturing stages:
All the products mentioned above need to be [[pasteurised ]] at 80-95°C for 1-10 minutes prior to filling hot*. At the simplest level, this may be carried out in a stainless steel, enamelled or aluminium saucepan over a gas flame, but this can result in localised overheating at the base of the pan, with consequent flavour changes.
To avoid the use of large expensive, stainless steel pans, a large aluminium pan can be used to boil sugar syrup. A given amount of the syrup is then mixed with fruit juice in a small stainless steel pan and this increases the temperature to 60-70°C. The juice/syrup mixture is then quickly heated to pasteurising temperature. The next industrial jump in pasteurisation is, unfortunately, expensive in that it involves the purchase of a double-jacketed steam kettle in stainless steel and a small boiler. The total cost is likely to be in the region of £5-10,000.
• Pay particular attention to the quality of re-usable bottles, check for cracks, chips etc and wash thoroughly before using. Always use new caps or lids.
•The concentration of [[preservative ]] should be carefully controlled for correct preservation of squashes and cordials, and may be subject to local laws. Check first and use accurate scales to measure the preservative. <br>
• The temperature and time of heating are critical for achieving both the correct shelf life of the drink and retaining a good colour and flavour. A thermometer and clock are therefore needed. <br>
• The correct weight should be filled into the bottles each time. <br>
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[[Category: Food and Agriculture]]

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