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##[ Science Codex] 695k
# [ ‘Open Design’: Printing research hardware to save on capitol costs] Lab News (UK)
==[[Open-Source Grinding Machine for Compression Screw Manufacturing ]]==
# [ Michigan Tech researchers invent open-source grinding machine for compression screw 3D printing] 3D Printing Industry 72k
# [ Open-Source Grinder Makes Compression Screws For Plastic Extruders Easy] Hackaday 9.8k
# [ Universities the world needs: Michigan Tech Materials Science and Engineering] Study International 52k (also quote Tessa and Matt)
# [ Materials Take a Giant Leap Forward in 3D Printing] Digital Engineering 72.6k
# [ COVID-19 Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink] MathWorks - Ventilator Research and Development Resources 1.8k
# [ Using 3D Printing to Improve Sports Equipment] GrabCAD blog 8k

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