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The Mobile Energy Operations Wagon’s (MEOW)is what CCAT is known for. The history of the MEOW in CCAT is extensive and somewhat a mystery. The story of the MEOW begins in 2003. The most quintessential part of CCAT from its history is pedal power bikes. You can look at pictures of CCAT decades ago and find hundreds of students pedaling bikes for power. In 2003, Ben Scurfield and others banded together to create the communal power idea of putting wheels making it the MEOW. The MEOW has used to power the concerts, Maydays, speeches, and other events. Until 2010, the MEOW was being used at a Danco construction site and was stolen. All that was left was just the trailer frame itself. In 2012 thanks to students David Katz and Solar Roger, the MEOW was brought back to life with an entirely new system. Although, once again, now 2019 the MEOW has fallen into disrepair and is no longer used to power the heartbeat of CCAT. Karina Coronado, Bryce Baker, Colton Evans, and Cassidy Fosdick took on this project in fixing the MEOW.
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