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Engineering 305 (Engr 305), Appropriate Technology, is a course on [[appropriate technology]] at [[HSU|Humboldt State University]] taught by instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]].
== Selected projects for Spring Semester 2019 2020 ==*[[CCAT greenhouse rainwater catchmentoutdoor kitchen roof]]*[[CCAT MEOW 2019compost system 2020]]*[[CCAT outdoor solar showerbug out box]]*[[CCAT yurt roof 2019rainwater 2020]]** This name (as all the others) may change depending on the scope of your final project.*[[CCAT rocket mass cobb bench heaterAbuelita's Garden Engr305 project 2020]]** This name will definitely change once you have a more specific project scope.*[[CCAT greenhouse water reclamationUnion School energy learning station]]
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