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Appropedia often references [[Wikipedia:Main Page|Wikipedia]]'s [[Wikipedia:wikipedia:Five pillars|Five Pillars]] and [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Simplified_Ruleset|Simplified Ruleset]]. This makes sense, of course, since Wikipedia has "been there and done that" with respect to wikidom. However, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and Appropedia is not. Since Appropedia is not Wikipedia, they differ in their policies. You can investigate in more detail by comparing this page to Wikipedia's [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Simplified_Ruleset|Simplified Ruleset]]. The key differences between Appropedia and Wikipedia are with respect to:
*Neutral Point of View (NPOV); Appropedia is flexible with respect to NPOV, and expects content to be sympathetic to the ideas of Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Development. (Essentially, Appropedia acknowledges that it supports an agenda.)
*Original content; Wikipedia does not allow original content, but Appropedia does, though it requires recognition and approval of the author, in part to comply with the licenses of content on the site (such as GNU FDLor Creative Commons), but also to support discussion and questionscollaborations.
*Verifiability; Wikipedia requires verifiability, but since Appropedia allows original content, we must be flexible about verifiability. It is desirable and encouraged, but not required. Where information has not been verified, this should be noted.

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