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== Bio:- ==
I am a Graduate Electrical Engineering student, with specialization specializing in Power Systems and Renewable Energy at Michigan Technological University. I have worked on some Power systems and renewable projects, like Analysis of Voltage Sag on Transmission System under Fault Conditions, Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems, Analysis of three-phase Sinusoidal pulse width modulation(SPWM) based Inverter using PI-Controller & Fuzzy-Controller in a standalone systemduring my education. I also had the opportunity to intern in Tata Power Co. Ltd., where I studied about various protective schemes for the protection of transformers, motors and generators,Analyzed the Power flow from Generation to distribution, overview of thermal power plant. and knowledge about Buses, Substation, switch yard and transformer yard.
== Research InterestsProjects:- ==I have specific research interests in Power System Protection, Power Quality Issues and Renewable Energy as the Power and Energy sector is facing radical transformation with emerging technologies in Distributed Renewable Generation, Smart grids, Micro grids, and Automated Fault detection Technologies for the advancement in Power and Energy systems. Also, Electricity accessibility and sustainability topics fascinates me a lot and I want to contribute in that area as well.
1. School Community Solar Microgrid (Ongoing project).
{{stub}}2. Analysis of Voltage Sag on Transmission System under Fault Conditions.*Studied about the power quality problems, voltage sag, its characteristics and various faults impacting the system. *Performance analysis for both magnitude and duration of voltage sag is being conducted by varying the length of line, fault location and by changing X/R ratio of transmission line. *Analyzed the transmission lines with respect to symmetrical (L-L-L) and unsymmetrical faults (L-G, L-L, LL-G) for both balanced and unbalanced voltage sags using MATLAB & Simulink.
[[Category:]]3. Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems. [[Category:5490-2020]]*Evaluated environmental profile for Solar, Wind, and Wave energy systems in manufacturing, installation and disposal/recycling stages using Sima Pro v8.0.*Analyzed three systems to conduct a comparative survey for greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative energy demand, carbon intensity, energy intensity and damage assessment.
4. Analysis of three -phase SPWM based inverter using PI-Controller & Fuzzy-Controller in a standalone system.
*Studied about SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) 3-phase inverter and use of PI controller and Fuzzy controller in a Standalone System, SPWM Harmonics elimination, L-C filter design methodology and its Simulink-modeling.
*Estimated various designing parameters and instabilities using MATLAB to simulate a model circuit and analyzed the output waveforms to study the system response
== Research Interests:- ==
*Power System Protection
*Power Quality & Reliability
*Renewable Energy & Sustainability
*Smart grids and Micro grids

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