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Engr215 Introduction to Design syllabus

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→‎Students with Disabilities: updated wording and links
== Students with Disabilities ==
If Persons who wish to request disability-related accommodations should contact me immediately so I can assist you have any type of disability that may hamper your full participation in course activities, it is your responsibility to inform me of your need for accommodations as soon as possiblea timely manner. I expect to hear from If you within the first two weeks of the semester have not yet done so that appropriate accommodations can be arranged. Complete information on the , please request services available at HSU can be found at with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) in House 71the Learning Commons, Lower Library, 826-4678 (voice) or 826-5392 (TDD) or on their website . Some accommodations may take up to several weeks to arrange. [ Disability Resource Center] HSU Policy and Procedures for Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities StatementExecutive Memorandum EM P02-01 states::''It is the policy of Humboldt State University to provide equal access and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities to participate in any program, service, or opportunity by the campus, including access to the content and services of the World Wide Web pages authored by the University. Some accommodations may take up Request for accommodation in pursuit of student's academic programs should be made to several weeks the Student Disability Resource Center.'' Our campus learning management system is Canvas. Here is a link to arrangethe [ Accessibility within Canvas statement]. This course was built with accessibility in mind. However, if you discover something in the course that is not as accessible as it could be, please alert your instructor as soon as possible.
== HSU Writing Studio, Library 1st Floor ==

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