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Manan Mehta

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  = Manan Mehta =#redirect[[FileUser:Manan Mehta.png|thumb]]== About me :- == I am enrolled as a full-time Masters's Student at Michigan Technological University. My major is Electrical Engineering, specializing in a power system. I am having professional experience of 2 years, working at S.P.Engineering, Surat, India. During tenure, designing, testing, commissioning, installing and troubleshooting of switchgear, which includes distribution panel, APFC panel, MCC panel, Design of speed control of 3-Phase induction motor using INVT VFD. During undergrad, I also worked on renewable energy, such as the Maximum power point tracking controller, Integrated solutions for renewable, Green energy- Novel approach. == Research Interest:- ==Research interest in power systems and renewable lies within me because of professional experience and undergrad undertaken renewable projects.Main idea moving towards this field was because of the increasing demand for power so advanced in technology is necessary in a generation, transmission, and distribution  {{stub}} [[Category:]][[Category:]]

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